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CAT 3406E "57" Injectors

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The injectors casually referred to as "57s" in the CAT community are an injector set commonly found in 550HP 3406E Caterpillar engines; the full part numbering being 10R0957 or 10R8501.  Momentum Worx sells these as a set of 6 for a complete job, this specific set if re-manufactured by Delphi. 


Good for a stock or lightly modified 3406E/C15 engine


Cross Reference:

1022014 0R-4526 10R0957 20R-1929
1034562 0R-4894 10R2781 20R1929
1095021 0R-9257 10R8500 211-3023
1170482 0R4119 10R8500R 2113023X
1188010 0R4300 10R8501 6I-3887
1189030 0R4331 10R8501RFM 6I3887
1408993 0R4526 10R9257R EX630957
1592479 0R4894 117-0482 OR4119
1597373 0R9257 118-8010 OR4300
1913003 102-2014 118-9030 OR4331
2113023 103-4562 140-8993 OR4894
1480120006 109-5021 148-012-0006 OR9257
0R-4119 10R-0957 159-2479 R-10R8501
0R-4300 10R-2781 159-7373 R10R8501
0R-4331 10R-8501 191-3003
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