3406 / C15

3406 / C15

THE source for caterpillar performance turbos - from BorgWarner, Zeki, Bullseye, Garett and more!  Check out the chart below to help choose the correct size your your CAT. 

Stock Engine78MM with 1.32 A/R housing (up to 600HP)

Lightly Upgraded Engine - 78MM with 1.45 A/R Housing (up to 650HP)

Upgraded Engine with Larger Injectors and Cam - 80MM with 1.45 Housing (up to 750HP)

Shooting for MORE then 750HP? You will want to consider an S500 or GTX55 to consistently support large horse power.  The BorgWarner S500 is the more cost effective option, but the Garrett GTX55 will be more efficient.