If you are looking for a turbo for a Detroit Series 60 engines, you found it! Detroit DDEC IV, DDEC V, DDEC VI.  See chart below for a guide to picking the BEST turbo for YOUR setup. 

Stock Engine (430HP-500HP)

  1. BorgWarner K31 (172743)
  2. Garrett GT4294 (714788-5001S)
  3. Momentum Worx K31/GT42 Hybrid (MMWX.K31B)

Lightly Upgraded Engine (500-550HP)

  1. BorgWarner S400 (171702)
  2. Momentum Worx Billet 11 Blade S475 (MMWX.S475.11B)

Highly Upgraded Truck: (600+ HP)

  1. Super 76 (MMWX.DETSUP76)
  2. BorgWarner S410SX 78/1.32 (14969880004)
  3. Momentum Worx S410SX 78/1.32  (MMWX.V.78132)

Factory Higher HP Turbos

  1. Garrett GT4708BJNS - HK (707866-5008S)