About Us

Ever wonder who you're talking to on the phone or who is filling your orders here at Momentum Worx.  Well, pull up a chair and let me tell you!


Joe Neill | Owner

If you’ve ever called in, you’ve most likely been greeted with “Thanks for calling Momentum Worx, this is Joe; how can I help you?” He’s always speaking on volume level 11...  Joe spent the beginning of his career bouncing around the automotive aftermarket, working for both “mom and pops” and Fortune 500 companies.  In 2015, Joe and his wife founded Momentum Worx from their dining room table in Lansdale, PA (From a free laptop his Brother in law gave him - Thanks Doug).  He’s a husband, he’s a father, & the love he’s got left to give, is for turbos.

Steven Hoffman | Account Manager

Every company needs a guy who is relentless when it comes to getting a job done correctly, enter Steven.  We inherited Steven through contacts made during the acquisition of our warehouse.  While these occurrences rarely work out, this one was a perfect fit and Steven has become a fixture here at MMWX.  When Steven isn't pining down Ju-Jitsu, you can find him on the phone crushing orders or chatting up a customer on what turbo will work best for their truck. 

Colin Boetefuer | Logistics

The best teams are ones that have strength at every corner.  Fortunately for us, Colin holds down the fort, or shall I say warehouse; ensuring that orders are packed correctly and shipped where they need to go.  Easily one of the most coordinated people I know, but also a guy who refuses to hit the brakes.  He once drove a child's motorcycle through a bush in an effort to win a race (he lost).



Our Shop is Located at:

500 N Cannon Ave | Lansdale, PA 19446 | USA

*Appointment Only, No Walk Ins