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About Us

About Us

Ever wonder who you're talking to on the phone or who is filling your orders here at Momentum Worx.  Well, pull up a chair and let me tell you!


Joe Neill | Owner

If you’ve ever called in, you’ve most likely been greeted with “Thanks for calling Momentum Worx, this is Joe; how can I help you?” He’s always speaking on volume level 11...  Joe spent the beginning of his career bouncing around the automotive aftermarket, working for both “mom and pops” and Fortune 500 companies.  In 2015, Joe and his wife, Alyssa,  founded Momentum Worx from their dining room table in Lansdale, PA - USA.  He’s a husband, he’s a father and the love he’s got left to give, belongs to turbos.


Alyssa Neill | Owner of the Owner

On the rare occasion you hear a softer voice on the other end of phone, you’ve gotten the pleasure of speaking with Alyssa, Joe’s wife and partner in the business.  Alyssa played a pivotal role in the transformation of the Momentum Worx company we know today.  She’s the sweetest voice in truck parts, and she can spit turbo specs and figures with the best of the boys!  After the birth of their son, Jensen, Alyssa got the ultimate promotion to “Mom” where she’s transitioned from turbo talk to baby babbling.  Even so, she’s still at the shop and on the phones every now and then!


Dan Dabrowski | Operations 

A growing business needs someone who can hop in anywhere/anytime necessary; that's your man Dan.  From answering phones, hucking pallets of turbos, and even grilling 17lbs of chicken each week because he's a growing boy.  Dan comes from a corporate background, even spending a considerable amount of time with Apple.  Dan's unique work history provides us with an outsiders perspective which really keeps everything on track and organized. 


Zack Repp | Sales

If you’re looking for something special to complete a build, or your lacking that last upgrade to crack the perfect time slip, Zack is your go to guy!  While Zack is a new addition to the MMWX team, don’t call it a come back - he’s been here for years!  Zack is well known in the local automotive community, having spent years on the dealership side of the business.  He’s also spent time working at a manufacturer level of the performance aftermarket before joining Momentum Worx in 2020. 


Tank | Security, Good Boi, Doge, The Logo (RIP 5/9/22)

Yes, our logo is a German Shepard and he’s real.  if you’re lucky - you can even come in and he’ll bite you :)

When we started trying to construct a logo, the graphic artist asked us what we wanted.  With the maturity level of an 8 year old, I replied “dog”, and thus Tank’s silhouette is now plastered on everything from our front door to the letter head.  


Our Shop is Located at:

500 N.Cannon Ave | Lansdale, PA 19446 | USA