Momentum Worx Unlimited Warranty

The Momentum Worx Unlimited Warranty applies ONLY to the following part numbers purchased directly from Momentum Worx on or after 3/1/2023:







Momentum Worx will replace any of the turbos above for any failure, one time, within 1 year from the date of purchase  This warranty is ONLY for turbos above purchased on or after 3/1/2023.  You will be responsible for returning the failed turbo to us at your expense.  Once we receive your failed turbo, we will in turn ship you a replacement turbo at our expense. 

This warranty does NOT cover any labor, or subsequent damage.  This warranty is for replacement of the turbo purchased, and nothing more. 

How Does The Process Work:

  1. Fill out the form on our website
  2. We will respond within 1 business day with an RMA
  3. Ship the turbo to us with the RMA affixed
  4. We ship the replacement turbo once your turbo is received at our warehouse

If you want a turbo sent before returning your turbo:  We will invoice you for the total current price of the turbo and shipping.  You will be required to provide your credit card to cover the total amount due.  From this point, you will have 10 calendar days to ship us your broken turbo.  Once we receive your broken turbo, within the 10 day grace period, we will cancel/refund the payment you made on the replacement turbo.  Hence, the replacement turbo was free of charge.  If you fail to return your broken turbo within 10 days, the charge on the replacement turbo will not be returned to you. 

If you want expedited shipping: We ship all replacement turbos via ground shipment at our expense. Expedited shipping is available, but you will be responsible for the entire shipping cost.

If we are out of stock: If the replacement turbo required for your warranty replacement  is out of stock, we will offer a credit in the amount you originally paid for the turbo.  Or you may choose to back order the replacement turbo. A refund is NOT an option. In the case that your turbo was part of a ‘kit” and was invoiced at $0.00, you will be forced to wait for a replacement, credit is not possible in this scenario. 

Warranty on the replacement turbo: Replacement turbos do NOT quality for the Momentum Worx Unlimited Warranty.  Meaning that once you receive a replacement turbo, the Unlimited Warranty is now void.  You can only receive 1 replacement turbo for each purchased turbo.  While this turbo may still have a manufacturer warranty, it can not be exercised through Momentum Worx and any claims must be taken up directly with the manufacturer.

If you are sending a turbo in for coverage under the Momentum Worx Unlimited Warranty, please complete the form below and under comments/questions please include:

Purchase date, serial number of the turbo and part number for turbo.