Are you looking to talk to the chubby bearded dude?!  Well, you're in luck!

It seems like everyday, multiple people call in and say "Are you the bearded guy from the videos?" or "I need to talk to JOE" or they just don't want to talk to Steven for some reason.  Let me be honest guys, if I stopped to pick up every phone call, I would never have time to build out turbo kits, make videos, or run this business!  BUT I am VERY good at answering emails (at all hours of the day and night), because I can do that at any time of day and in-between everything else going on at the shop.  I guarantee you will get a much better answer out of me here then ever trying to catch me at my desk on the phone.

SO - if you need something from me, whether it be turbo sizing, choosing the right manifold, or doing some crazy turbo set - lets talk!

 Whats up?