Garrett G-Series G47-1850 | 88MM Turbo - 880547-5026S

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  • Garrett G-Series G47-1850 | 88MM Turbo - 880547-5026S
  • Garrett G-Series G47-1850 | 88MM Turbo - 880547-5026S


The Garrett G-Series G47 is a great entry level ball bearing charger for a single turbo CAT, Detroit, or ISX. This particular G47 is the LARGEST one Garrett makes at 88MM.  Coupled with a relatively small turbine wheel (93/88), this turbo is sure to light fast with minimal effort with the right supporting mods.   Similar to BorgWarner S588 compressor side, by S400/S410 turbine size. 


Compressor Wheel: 88MM / 120MM

Turbine Wheel: 93MM / 88M


• Outline interchangeable with GTX Gen II turbos
• Supports up to 1850 flywheel horsepower
• 88mm | comp ind | 120mm comp exd
• High flow, high efficiency GTX Gen II comp aero
• G-Series turbine wheel aero increases performance compared to GTX47 Gen II
• Flow: up to 20% more
• Spool: up to +9% (estimated by flow, efficiency, and inertia)
• One-piece lightweight aluminum center hsg/backplate
• Outlet length on T6 turbine hsg reduced 17mm compared to GTX to optimize weight reduction

*Exhaust housings not included


Available Exhaust Housings

Part Number A/R Turbine Inlet Turbine Outlet
761208-0075 0.96 T6 V-Band
761208-0076 1.08 T6 V-Band
761208-0077 1.23 T6 V-Band
761208-0078 1.39 T6 V-band
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