Garrett G-Series G55-1850 | 85MM Turbo - 880547-5001S

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  • Garrett G-Series G55-1850 | 85MM Turbo - 880547-5001S
  • Garrett G-Series G55-1850 | 85MM Turbo - 880547-5001S


The Garret G-Series G55 line up is the latest and greatest when it comes to Garrett turbochargers.  Like any modern Garrett performance turbo, this turbo is dual ceramic ball bearing ( a HUGE 16MM bearing cartridge) - which is sure to spool extremely fast relatively to the size of this turbo. This particular G55 turbo is the smallest in the line with an 85MM wheel.  This turbo would work will as a huge single, or a small atmospheric turbo in a compound setup.  

The turbine design on the G55 is superior to its predecessor the GTX5533 / GTX5544, Garrett's initial testing shows an increase of 15% more turbine flow over the GTX.  Combined with the updated one piece aluminum back plate/bearing housing - this is one SLICK charger. 


Compressor Wheel

Inducer: 85MM

Exducer: 133MM


Turbine Wheel

Inducer: 112MM

Exducer: 106MM


*All Garrett G-Series Turbos are sold as SUPERCORES, which means they DO NOT come with exhaust housings. 


Garrett offers the following sized exhaust housings:

Part Number A/R Turbine Inlet Turbine Outlet
761208-0069 1.24 V-Band V-Band
761208-0070 1.40 V-Band V-Band
761208-0071 1.00 T6 V-Band
761208-0072 1.12 T6 V-Band
761208-0073 1.24 T6 V-Band
761208-0074 1.40 T6 V-Band
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