Garrett G-Series G55-2450 | 98MM Turbo - 880547-5005S

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  • Garrett G-Series G55-2450 | 98MM Turbo - 880547-5005S
  • Garrett G-Series G55-2450 | 98MM Turbo - 880547-5005S


The Garret G-Series G55 line up is the latest and greatest when it comes to Garrett turbochargers.  Like any modern Garrett performance turbo, this turbo is dual ceramic ball bearing ( a HUGE 16MM bearing cartridge) - which is sure to spool extremely fast relatively to the size of this turbo.  This turbo would work will as a huge single, or a large atmospheric turbo in a compound setup.  

The turbine design on the G55 is superior to its predecessor the GTX5533 / GTX5544, Garrett's initial testing shows an increase of 15% more turbine flow over the GTX.  Combined with the updated one piece aluminum back plate/bearing housing - this is one SLICK charger. 


Compressor Wheel

Inducer: 98MM

Exducer: 133MM


Turbine Wheel

Inducer: 112MM

Exducer: 106MM


*All Garrett G-Series Turbos are sold as SUPERCORES, which means they DO NOT come with exhaust housings. 


Garrett offers the following sized exhaust housings:

Part Number A/R Turbine Inlet Turbine Outlet
761208-0069 1.24 V-Band V-Band
761208-0070 1.40 V-Band V-Band
761208-0071 1.00 T6 V-Band
761208-0072 1.12 T6 V-Band
761208-0073 1.24 T6 V-Band
761208-0074 1.40 T6 V-Band
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