​New Turbos Vs Reman Turbos

​New Turbos Vs Reman Turbos

New Turbos Vs Reman Turbos

Let's start this conversation out with the most common argument for purchasing a reman over new: reman turbos are cheaper.

Sure, the initial invoiced price for a reman turbo might be less then a new - but is it REALLY cheaper in the long run?

Let's find out..

As an example let's consider BorgWarner 179035. At the time of this article, the average cost for new one is $1600 and the average cost for reman is $1300.

Out of the gate, you are responsible for paying a $400 core charge on the reman turbo, this charge is returned to you once you return your old turbo (hopefully).

After your reman turbo is installed, it's time to send back your core.  In order to do so: you have to pack it up, fill out any paper work required to ensure that the core can be identified and a credit returned to you. Next, you have to pay to ship this 50lb oily mess back to the company you bought it from.

Once the company receives your core back, they notice that you didn't return the speed sensor or potentially the compressor wheel has a chunk missing from it (after all, you did remove this turbo from the engine because something went wrong). Since the core is damaged, now you're only get $150 of your $400 core deposit back, and on top of that - you already spent an additional $50+ to ship.

Suddenly, your reman turbo has cost you the same amount that a new version would have.  On top of that, you have also invested the time and effort to package up and ship the core, then deal with the headache of not getting your full core deposit back.

Food for thought when considering your next turbo purchase :)

Of course if you have any questions at all regarding obtaining a replacement turbo for your engine, please feel free to call, text, or email anytime!

19th Dec 2019 Joe Neill

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