Factory CAT Replacement Turbochargers - Which one do you need?

Factory CAT Replacement Turbochargers - Which one do you need?

When it comes to finding a direct replacement turbocharger for your CAT 3406 engine, there is alot of information out there and it may be a bit over whelming.  Momentum Worx is already known as the place to go when UPGRADING you CAT turbo, but how about when you just want a stock replacement turbo?  Don't worry, we have you covered there as well!

Originally, all CAT 3406 engines came equipped with a Garrett turbocharger.  Garrett continued to supply Caterpillar with turbochargers for the 3406 engine series until is was discontinued in the early 2000s.  During this time, BorgWarner came out with a few different replacement turbochargers for the CAT 3406 models.  These BorgWarner turbos were considerably cheaper and quickly became popular.  You can find a list of them below:


The smallest of all the Borg Warner CAT 3406 replacement turbos.  This thing is sure to light fast as its got a tiny 1.10 A/R exhaust housing.  The wastegate spring pressure it set low to prevent the turbo from over spooling.  This turbo is best fit on an low horsepower 3406 like a 425HP or smaller


This turbo is identical to the 174259 other then having a slightly stiffer wastegate, which opens at 25PSI, other wise everything is the same. 


This is a great budget friendly turbo.  The 75MM coupled with a non-gated wheel will support a little more power.  This turbo would work best on a 475HP CAT


This turbo might be the most popular of all the stock replacement style turbos.  This particular S410G can virtually be used on ANY 3406A, 3406B, 3406C, or 3406E.  While its not quite an ideal size for any particular engine, its close enough that it can be used on any of them with success.  If you are going to keep 1 spare turbo on the shelf that covers many 3406 applications, this is the one. 


The largest turbo in this particular bunch is this C16 replacement turbo.  This rotor ground is the same one used in the popular S410SX upgrade series from BorgWarner.  While this turbo comes with a massive 1.65 waste gated exhaust housing, you have the option to use a 1.15 A/R, 1.32 A/R, 1.45 A/R, or 1.58 A/R as the 96MM turbine wheel and bearing housing is the same on the S410SX.  Other then the The main difference between this turbo and the SX is that the SX has a billet wheel and 360 degree thrust bearing, this one has a cast wheel and 2.70 degree thrust bearing. 


This turbo is certainly an ugly duck as it has a HUGE exhaust housing at 1.72 A/R.  Back when this turbo was designed, it may have made sense, but with today's turbo technology, you can certainly take advantage of a more efficient turbine wheel and smaller housing that will get the turbo into its map much quicker and easier. is where it gets good.  In 2024, Garrett shocked the aftermarket and opened the flood gates by releasing countess turbochargers that were once  "OEM Only" part numbers. You guessed, one of which is 704604-5011S, which is a factory 3406E turbocharger.  These are not caterpillar remans, these are BRAND NEW OEM Garrett GT4702 turbochargers.  This GT47 turbine is extremely efficient and the compressor wheel is a boreless design which is pretty trick.  While it might just be introductory pricing, Garrett sells these turbos to us at a price that we can intern sell them to YOU for less then any of the BorgWarner turbochargers above. 

So, if you want the most for your money, no one can argue with this:


3rd Jul 2024 Joe Neill

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