Cummins N14 Turbo Upgrade

Cummins N14 Turbo Upgrade

The factory HT60 on the Cummins N14 engine has a unique flange pattern and abnormal mounting orientation that makes it very difficult to retrofit a more modern upgraded turbocharger.

With this in mind, we set out to create an upgrade that was a direct replacement from an installation stand point.

Depending on the original spec and horsepower out put, your N14 could have had a multitude of different chargers from the factory, we have listed them below.

As you can see above, our N14 upgraded turbo has a 2MM Larger Compressor Wheel Inducer and 7MM Larger Turbine Wheel Exducer over the largest stock N14 turbo.  This makes for a great upgrade over the stock turbo.  Add a little fuel and you will certainly have a little more pulling power!

Looking to purchase one?  Check them out here!

27th Sep 2021 Joe Neill

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