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EPP | Stainless 1 Piece CAT Single Turbo Manifold

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Enhanced Power Products Caterpillar exhaust manifold.  There's a few things that make this particular Cat 3406 / C15 manifold unique from others on the market.

1. Stainless Steel 1 Piece Construction

This Manifold is one piece cast, and while 1 piece is nothing new, being cast from stainless steel is a first.

2. Installation Kit Included

Manifold Gaskets, Turbo Gaskets, Oil Line Gaskets & O-Ring

Manifold Studs & Nuts, Turbo Studs 

3. Pre Drilled/Taped Ports

If you are looking to add a Pyro or drive pressure gauges, this manifold already has 2 pre-drilled ports.  Plugs are also supplied if you are not going to use the ports.


The only thing we DON'T like about this manifold is that the ends seemed to be slightly "crimped" compared to other 1 pieces designs available.  BUT the manufacture claims that this manifold has been tested on engines producing nother of 1000HP with no issues at all. 


Manufactured in the USA

*Fitment for "High Mount" applications - 146-9445

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