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Charge Air Cooler | 2008+ Kenworth W900L & T660

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  • Charge Air Cooler | 2008+ Kenworth W900L & T660
  • Charge Air Cooler | 2008+ Kenworth W900L & T660
  • Charge Air Cooler | 2008+ Kenworth W900L & T660
  • Charge Air Cooler | 2008+ Kenworth W900L & T660


A good turbo is NOTHING without a a GOOD charge air cooler!  Also known as an AIR to AIR Cooler, the charge air coolers' job is to cool the compressed air (boost) coming from the turbo before it enters the intake manifold.  Think of a radiator, but for air! This cooling affect is important because colder air is more dense, which means you can fit more in; thus making MORE POWER!  If your charge air cooler is leaking air, you are not only throwing away power, but also wasting dollars! 

This charge air cooler core is manufactured by Northern Radiator.  


Trucks2008 & newer Kenworth T660, W900L

Engines: Cummins ISX, Cat C15 Acert, Paccar, etc

*Please confirm fitment before ordering, feel free to contact us with questions via email -

Core Specs:

CORE WIDTH: 30 3/4
DEPTH: 2 3/4


Cross Reference Numbers:

F3160882101120 F3161671211110 F3160882132121 F3160881101120
F3160882101121 F3161671211410 F3160882133411 F3160881102120
F3160882102120 F3161672101420 F3160882133511 F3160881103110
F3160882103410 F3161672103420 F3160882133611 F3160881103410
F3160882103510 F3161672111420 F3161672101421 F3160881106120
F3160882111120 F3161672113420 F3161672101521 F3160881111120
F3160882112120 F3161672201420 F3161672103421 F3160881112120
F3160882113410 F3161672211420 F3161672111421 F3160881113410
F3160882113510 F3161672213420 F3161672111521 F3160881121100
F3160882116120 F3161673101420 F3161672121420 F3160881121120
F3160882121120 F3160881011120 F3161672121421 F3160881122100
F3160882122120 F3160882021120 F3161672121521 F3160881122120
F3160882123410 F3160882101621 F3161672131420 F3160881123410
F3160882123510 F3160882103411 F3161672131421 F3160881131120
F3160882131120 F3160882103511 F3161672131521 F3160881132120
F3160882132120 F3160882103611 F3161672201421 F3160881133410
F3160882133410 F3160882106120 F3161672203420 F3160881102100
F3160882133510 F3160882111121 F3161672203421 F3160881103010
F3161671101110 F3160882111621 F3161672221420 F3160881113010
F3161671101410 F3160882113411 F3161672221421 F3160881115120
F3161671103110 F3160882113511 F3161672221521 F3160881133110
F3161671103410 F3160882113611 F3161672231420 W4715001
F3161671111110 F3160882122121 F3161672231421 N4106002
F3161671111410 F3160882123411 F3161672231521 N8798001
F3161671113110 F3160882123511 F3160881001120 N4106001
F3161671201110 F3160882123611 F3160881101100 W4715002
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