Upgraded Turbo for CAT C15

Upgraded Turbo for CAT C15

Recently we’ve had an influx of calls and questions about turbo upgrades for C15 Caterpillars. We would like to take a second to talk about the upgrades available and help you decide which one is best for you.

Before we jump into specifics on each turbo, check out the chart below – notice the difference sizing and ultimately pick out the horsepower goal you are looking to achieve.

Stage Part Number Comp. Whl Diameter Comp. Whl Inducer Turbine Wheel A/R Estimated HP
Stage 1 1496988000 105MM 78MM 96MM 1.32 600
Stage 2 1496988001 110MM 80MM 96MM 1.58 750
Stage 3 1496988002 110MM 80MM 96MM 1.65 WG 800
Stage 4 1496988003 110MM 82MM 96MM 1.65 WG 900

It’s important to note that ALL of these turbos have the same turbine wheel, thus making the turbine housings interchangeable. That being said, if you would like the largest compressor size avilable, but the small 1.32 A/R turbine housing for quick spool up, we can put that together for you J.

It’s also worth noting that each of these turbos utilizes a FORGED MILLED compressor wheel over the typical cast wheel that can be prone to failure. To further increase the durability, a 360 Degree thrust bearing design has been added to each of these turbos – ensuring the best performance for your BIG CAT for many years to come.

Stage 1

This turbo is a great upgrade for an otherwise stock truck. The small sized turbine housing will allow for quick spool up whole the larger compressor wheel is upping the boost.

BorgWarner S410SX | Big Cat Upgrade | 78/1.32 Turbo

Stage 2

Apart from the stage 1, this turbo has a compressor wheel with a bigger inducer and overall diameter. The turbine housing is also quite a bit larger – allowing for more power up at the top of the RPM range without choking the engine.

BorgWarner S410SX | CAT C15 Turbo - 80MM / 1.58 Non Gated

Stage 3

Here we see the introduction of the waste gates housing – thus allowing for boost to be regulated and plateau for serious power across the whole RPM range without fear of over boosting the engine.

BorgWarner S410SX | CAT C15 Turbo - 80MM / 1.65 Wastegated

Stage 4

Finally we have the grand daddy of all bolt on C15 turbos. This monster includes the largest compressor wheel available 82MM/110mm, and a waste gated turbine housing large enough to handle fathomable horsepower level.

BorgWarner S410SX | CAT C15 Turbo - 82MM / 1.65 Wastegated

PLEASE – Feel free to reach out with questions, we are always happy to help!

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15th Dec 2017 Joe Neill

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