​Maxxforce 7 Turbocharger Failure – Common Problems

​Maxxforce 7 Turbocharger Failure – Common Problems

Maxxforce 7 Turbocharger Failure – Common Problems

While turbo failure on any vehicle is enevitable after many miles and years of service, the Maxxforce 7 has unique issues that cause turbo failure more often than other engines. The biggest culprits behind a failed turbo on a Maxxforce 7 engine are EGR related issues, and oil dilution.

EGR Issues

  • Soot re-entering the engine and coming through the turbine housing over time will begin to adhere to the vanes and cause the turbo actuator to fail.

Oil Dilution

  • Many things with the Maxxforce engine can cause oil dilution, but fuel in the oil is certain to diminish the effectiveness of the oil’s lubrication properties and cause the bearings in the turbo to fail. Often leading to a snapped turbine shafts and catastrophic turbo failure overall.

Fortunately, we have replacement turbochargers for the Maxxforce 7 in stock and ready to ship!!

Single Turbo Maxxforce 7

Dual Turbo Maxxforce 7

Low Pressure

High Pressure

Not sure which turbo you need for your Maxxforce 7? Contact us and we will help you identify the correct turbo you need!

28th Aug 2018 Joe Neill

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