Are all Volvo / Mack Hoslet VGT Turbos the same?

Are all Volvo / Mack Hoslet VGT Turbos the same?

VOLVO / MACK Holset VGT Turbo Interchangeability

We have touched on this topic before, but some things are worth a second look. While Holset has 1000s of part numbers for their VGT turbocharger, I know those 1000s of numbers superseded to only 100s of turbos, and I THINK those 100s of turbos can be consolidated down to 10s of turbos.

Taking a step back - Holset has “families” or “series” of turbos. For example, HE300 series turbo, which then further breaks down to an HE341VE, HE351VE, etc - then breaks down to specific part numbers under each sub series. So HE351VE would be the model of the turbo, and then the turbo would have a specific part number for that exact variation (which takes into consideration the wheel sizes, housing, orientation, etc).

Other Common VGT series are the HE400VG, and HE500VG, these can be found on Cummins, Paccar, late model Series 60, and many Volvo/Mack engines. These series have 100s of variations, but oftentimes these are internal differences like housing CM, wheel size, etc. But don’t be fooled, sometimes turbos in the same series/family can have different exhaust inlet and out mounting flanges, different compressor cover discharge, etc - which would not make them compatible.

Modern vintage Mack & Volvo engines utilizing the Holset VGT turbo seems to be extremely similar externally, the only real difference we have seen are internal measurements (wheel sizes) These differences are negligible for a daily working truck, but you will certainly notice the cost savings if you are able to purchase a cheaper turbo option.

One last consideration that we must talk about is actuators! Volvo/Mack uses a different style electrical plug then Cummins & others (where the actuator plugs into the main electrical harness for the engine). But even if the plug matches and mounts to the turbo, you need to make sure the voltage is correct. There is a 12V and 24V actuator option, depending on the application that the engine was originally intended for. Ask us how we know (rolls eyes). If you put a 24V actuator on a truck that runs a 12V electrical system, or vice versa - you’re going to have a bad time.

In closing, if you need a replacement turbo for your modern Mack or Volvo, don't get hung up on trying to find your EXACT turbo, chances are - its been consolidated and available for a much cheaper price in the aftermarket.  Take a look at images, make sur all the critical dimension match (Exhaust flange, manifold flange, compressor inlet and discharge, oil line ports) and you should be set.  If you are in the market for a volvo / mack replacement turbo or have questions about getting the right turbo for your mack /volvo engine, just shoot us and email and give us a call!

TL/DR - Majority of all the Mack MP7/MP8 Volvo D11/D13 turbos are interchangeable.

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1st Feb 2023 Joe Neill

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