​Why You Should Install Headers on Your Porsche 981

​Why You Should Install Headers on Your Porsche 981

Why You Should Install Headers on Your Porsche 981

The “go-to” modification for any 981 Boxster / Cayman (2012-2016) is a set of headers. I say this for 3 main reasons: 

1 - Increased Power

2 - Enhanced Exhaust Tone

3 - Ease of Installation

Increased power and sound will vary depending on your choice of headers. Two main styles exist - catted headers and non catted headers (Race headers).

Catted Headers:

The catalytic converter on these cars is located in the header. By removing the factory headers, you are removing the factory catalytic converters as well. By replacing your factory headers with a set of “catted headers” you can remain emissions compliant (in most state - Sorry California guys) and avoid getting a check engine light for o2 sensor codes.

Catted headers are the best option for street driven cars. With the installation of catted headers, you can expect a modest bump in power and a subtle change in exhaust tone. The catalytic converters in an aftermarket header will have far fewer cells then factory, thus providing a better exhaust flow, but still maintaining back pressure which is necessary for a natural aspirated car to make ample torque in the lower RPM range. If you are unfamiliar with cell count in a catalytic converter, picture a honeycomb or bee hive with a collection of little holes. A lower cell count means that the holes are larger, and a higher cell count means the holes are smaller. The smaller the holes are, the more restrictive the catalytic converter is, thus robbing power and and sound.

Race Headers (Non Catted)

Race headers delete catalytic converters from your exhaust system and provide a more free flowing exhaust. While this setup will ultimately produce the most noise and power, it does have some draw backs. Your vehicle will technically no longer be emissions compliant, and you will likely get a check engine light unless you use o2 sensor spacers or have your ECU re-tuned.

Race headers are the best option for customers using the car primarily for track, or customers who are seeking the absolute most power and sound from their Porsche. Race headers will cause a slight loss of torque in the low end due to the loss of back pressure, but this minor draw back that is easily diminished by the power gains in the upper rpm range.

Both catted headers and race headers are insanely easy to install. This is a job that can be completed at home in the garage with basic hand tools, or you can expect to pay 2-3 hours labor at your local garage.  This upgrade is completely reversible if necessary.  For customer’s with PSE, your sport button that controls the valves in the exhaust system will 100% remain intact and functional.

If you have any questions, or would like to purchase a set of headers, please feel free to reach out!! We have headers from all the top brands, most ready to ship same day!

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17th Jan 2018 Joe Neill

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