USED - Zeki GT4294

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  • USED - Zeki GT4294
  • USED - Zeki GT4294
  • USED - Zeki GT4294


Customer ran this truck for a little while and has issue with the wastegate surging, we swapped him out for a non gated. 


Runner Warranty - 10 Days from invoice



Original Description


Another cool replacement turbocharger from ZekiTurbo.  While this turbo won't win you any races, it will certainly get a little Detroit 12.7 down the road.  Fantastic stock replacement turbo that would be right at home on a 430HP or any other smaller horsepower Detroit Series 60 12.7L Wastegated 


Interchangeable Turbo Part Number

T1230-01 23525462
714788-5001S 23538521
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