Momentum Worx

*MOMENTUM WORX | CAT C12 Exhaust Manifold and Turbocharger Power Up Package (PUP)

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  • With Garrett GT4294
  • With BorgWarner K31
  • With BorgWarner S400
$2,900.00 - $3,050.00


When looking for some extra performance from your Caterpillar C12 engine an easy place to start is with a manifold and turbo!  Instead of spending time tracking down all the nuts, bolts, and gaskets for the job - we take out the guess work and include them for a clean install!  Momentum Worx Power Up Package (PUP) for Cat C12 engines comes with multiple turbo options depending on your desired horsepower level.  

If you're looking to upgrade your exhaust manifold and turbo, get everything you need the first time!


  • Your choice of turbo
    1. Stock Truck: Garrett GT4294 (714788-5001S - 71MM Cast Wheel, with Wastegate)
    2. Lightly Upgraded Truck: BorgWarner K31 (172743 - 71MM Billet Wheel, with Wastegate) 
    3. Highly Upgraded Truck: BorgWarner S400 (171702 - 75MM Cast Wheel, 1.32 Non Gated Exhaust Housing)
  • Full Tilt Performance Exhaust Manifold
    • Ceramic Coated
    • Hand Port & Polished
  • Install Kit
    • Exhaust Manifold Studs
    • Manifold Gaskets
    • Turbo Gaskets


*** Only compatible with trucks that utilize 115-2989 stock manifold, other C12s will require piping changes to fit


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