The Legendary GIANT Detroit Series 60 14L Stock Turbo Charger

It seems like I have been hearing about this “Monster” factory Detroit turbo for years. Well, I finally figured out what it was and then proceeded to get my hands on one! From what I understand, they come factory on the Detroit Series 60 HK Engines, which is an industrial version of the common road going Series 60 that we all know and love. This engine looks like it could originally be spec’d with up to 665HP with a 2300RPM rev limit!

With horsepower like that, it makes sense that the stock turbo would be a GO-TO upgrade for guys with highway model detroits looking to make some extra power.

The turbo itself is a Garrett GT4708, which shares a frame size with the GT4702 that came on Cat 3406 + Early C15s of this vintage. What makes this turbo special is that it has a giant BILLET 80MM Wheel in it! This coupled with a fairly small 1.27A/R exhaust housing makes for a pretty rowdy turbo (especially for a stock offering!) This billet wheel is also boreless (meaning the wheel acts at the nut, its threaded directly on to the turbine shaft), which may not come with any direct performance advantages but is a clear indication of superior build quality.


Compressor Wheel

6+6 Blade

80MM Inducer

110MM OD

Turbine Wheel

10 Blade


85MM Exducer

Exhaust Housing

1.27 A/R

Waste Gated

Looking for one of these turbos?!  We have brand new Genuine Garrett versions of this turbo available on our website:

18th Aug 2022 Joe Neill

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