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Blog - SDP C15 Ball Bearing Turbo

CAT C15 Acert SDP Ball Bearing Turbo Cartridges

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The SDP C15 Acert arguably has the best set of compound turbos ever put on a Caterpillar from the factory, the Garrett GTA5518BR and GTA4294BRS.  What makes these turbos so great?  BALL BEARINGS :)  The compound ball bearing turbos on SDP engine serial prefix engines is easily identifiable by the fins on the cartridge (used for cooling).  The SDP and LEE (C13) had the most advanced turbochargers to date, and were the end of the line for Caterpillar's on-road applications.

If your low or high pressure turbo has failed, you are in luck!  We carry brand new genuine Garrett replacemebt cartridges for both low and high pressure SDP C15 Acert turbos. 

Low Pressure

High Pressure