Cummins ISX VGT Turbo | NEW Aftermarket Direct Replacements

Cummins ISX VGT Turbo | NEW Aftermarket Direct Replacements

The VGT turbo is nothing new to the Cummins ISX engine, since the introduction of the VGT style turbo on the CM870 ISX in 2003, each new rendition of the ISX has come with a VGT turbo. 

The latest ISX models, CM2250, CM2350, and X15 have the HE451VE turbo with electronic actuator from the factory.  These turbos are great when functioning correctly, but like anything else - they fail over time.  VGT turbos can be replaced as a whole assembly, turbo + actuator, or can be replaced independently.  A VGT turbo sold without an actuator is referred to as a "short" turbocharger. This is a complete turbo minus the electronic actuator.

Often times, when the engine displays a code for VGT actuator issues, it might actually be the vanes in the turbo stuck/jammed, not a failing Cummins turbo actuator.  As soon as the ECM commands the actuator to move and it does not move, you will start getting error codes for the actuator.  

Stuck vanes can be caused by a few things: soot build up, distortion from excessive heat, foreign impact damage, or fatigue damage caused during the normal lifespan of the vans and unison ring. ,Since the actuator cannot move the stuck vanes, the engine throws a trouble code for the actuator.  Some times a VGT code does mean that the actuator is faulty, but guess can lead to a possible to mis-diagnose of the issues.

To test for a failed actuator, you can simply remove the actuator and see if the arm on the turbo moves freely. Please be advised that once the actuator is removed from the turbo, it will need to be recalibrated with Cummins software before running the truck again. 

As far as cost, a replacement turbo can be EXPENSIVE.  We've seen dealer prices in excess of $5000 for a replacement turbo, while I was writing this article today; I called the Cummins dealer with part number 2882112 and was quoted $7400!!

Fortunately, we now offer an HE451VE aftermarket turbo replacement!  Reman is OK if its your only option, but wouldn't you rather have ALL NEW PARTS?  This is a direct drop in replacement turbo. 

All turbos include a 1 year warranty and install gaskets. 

We ship world wide from our shop in Quakertown, PA USA.  Get yours below!

These new turbos fit all CM2250/CM2350/X15 engines with the following part numbers:


2nd Nov 2020 Joe Neill

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