BEST Cat 3406E/ C15 Turbo On Earth

BEST Cat 3406E/ C15 Turbo On Earth

Yes, big claims from an even bigger (FAT) man - now that I have your attention; please allow me to plead me case.

There are certainly BIGGER, BETTER, & More EFFICIENT turbos on the market, but I think this turbo does all those things pretty well, while any other "Better" turbo will likely only exceed at one of those attributes. 

The BorgWarner S410SX - 78MM /1.32 AR is easily the best C15 turbo on earth, and here's why: 

1) Its a bolt on upgrade for any single turbo cat.*  It will provide benefit to a 100% stock truck, and can still support a lightly upgraded truck.  90+% of the working caterpillar powered trucks on the road today fit into one of those 2 categories, which means this is the go-to option for 9 out of 10 customers. 

2) Its readily available.  This turbo is popular enough that majority of BorgWarner dealers have at least a few on the shelf (we have 100+ available). Its also a NEW turbo, which means you do not have to pay a core charge or supply your old turbo back as a core. This means if you are ever in a bind or broken down road side, there is likely a replacement not far away to get you back up and running. 

3) Its upgraded over stock.  The S410SX comes standard with a billet compressor wheel and 360 degree thrust bearing.  The billet construction helps prevent the wheel from bursting from extreme fatigue cycles and the 360 degree thrust bearing has been introduced to promote longer service life of the bearings themselves by providing additional resistance to thrust wear

4) It's sized right.  To further points 1 and 3, this 78MM wheel is ideal for adding a little power without "over doing it".  The 78MM can supply more CFM of air, while the smaller non gated exhaust housing allows boost pressure to still come on fast.


Compressor Wheel: 78MM Inducer, 105MM Exducer

Turbine Wheel: 96MM  Excducer, 88MM Inducer

Exhaust Housing: 1.32 A/R Non Waste Gated, T6 Divided

*Aftercooled models will require use of a reducer to be compatible with the factory cross over tube. 

21st Jun 2023 Joe Neill

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