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Where do you put your phone in your Porsche?

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Where do you put your phone in your Porsche?

Not to sound like a bad infomercial, but how often do you fumble with your phone in your Porsche because there is no good place to put it? Those days are OVER. Check out these phone mounts from RENNLINE. They are model specific for all the Carreras, Turbos, Boxster, Caymans, etc.

The brackets easily bolt into the interior of your Porsche, ensuring that NO damage or sticky residue is left on any panels. Your phone itself is held to the mount with a magnet. You can either stick the magnet to the back of your phone, or you can slide it in between your case and phone back. The magnetic mounting allows you to easy remove and reposition your phone at will.

Hands down (No pun intended :) this is simply a NECESSITY for anyone with a Porsche and a cellphone - which I can reasonable assume is everyone reading this article.  

991 & 981 (Center Console Mount)

991 & 981 (Dash Mount)

997 & 987

996 & 986

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