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​Cummins ISX Turbo Conversions - VNT Delete, Single Geometry Turbocharger Upgrade

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Cummins ISX Turbo Conversions - VNT Delete, Single Geometry Turbocharger Upgrade

Many customer’s are plagued by the variable geometry turbochargers found on Cummins ISX engines. The actuators often fail and the variable vanes also become packed with soot, leaving you stranded on the side of the road - losing time and money. Fortunately, there is a solution - and this solution also brings with it a gain in horsepower and torque, and even an increase in fuel economy!

When thinking about this conversion, it can be cumbersome trying to determine how exactly it can be accomplished. In order to help clear things up, here are the items required to convert your ISX over to a single geometry turbocharger.

  1. An exhaust manifold with you desired flange dimensions
  2. Your turbo of choice
  3. Oil Lines
  4. Block off plates
  5. Manifold Gaskets
  6. Misc Installation Hardware
  7. ECU Tuning

Removing the HE500VG series turbo has never been easier then using the kit from Momentum Worx.

Our kit includes:

BorgWarner S410SX Fixed Geometry Turbocharger

  • Forged Milled compressor
  • 360 degree thrust bearings
  • Dimensions:
    • Comp. Wheel: 105MM
    • Inducer: 78MM
    • Turbine Wheel: 96MM
    • A/R: 1.32

BD Diesel Cummins ISX Exhaust Manifold T6 Upgrade

  • Pulse exhaust flow directed to the dual volute T6 turbine improves turbo spooling response for quick clean power
  • Three piece thick walled durable high-silicon ductile iron casting prevents cracking
  • Borg Warner S478, S410SX Turbos replace the costly HE500 series turbo that results in lower maintenance cost, less breakdowns

BD Diesel Install Kit - ISX Manifold-Turbo Conversion

  • Oil Feed and drain lines
  • Manifold Gaskets
  • Block Off plates

AS ALWAYS - please feel free to call, text, or email with any questions or to place an order!

Phone: 215-237-9672